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The Deadly Crowd Crush of Itaewon

Over 158 deaths and 197 injuries, yet the public was still left in the dark by the authorities, and they demand answers.


It was a heartbreaking moment in the history of South Korea. What was supposed to be a joyous, festive Halloween celebration turned into a tragedy for the family members of the victims of Itaewon’s crowd crush, which occured due to the overwhelming crowd attending the festival. Approximately 100,000 people gathered to celebrate Halloween in Itaewon, causing the streets and the narrow alleyways along the Itaewon district to be clogged with the crowd. It was unknown how the crowd crush started, as many theories emerged. However, one thing is certain, that is who is to be blamed for this devastating tragedy, and people are not hesitant to point their fingers at the authorities.


The public was enraged when this tragedy occured, as it was not the first time the authorities had to handle such a large number of crowds. However, due to poor management from local authorities, there were only a few policemen who were on duty that fateful night, which angered the public as the authorities should have expected a large number of crowd to attend the festival and dispatched more police officers to handle the crowd. In addition to that, the youths were also outraged when President Yoon, the President of South Korea who was recently elected six months ago, refused to take responsibility and be held accountable. However, instead of taking necessary actions to address the problem, he instead puts the blame on the lower-ranking officers.

Danish Adha 

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