Report on the Climate Adaptation Summit 2021

        On January 25th and 26th took place the Climate Adaptation Summit, an online summit organized by the Netherlands. It brought together world leaders as well as the Secretary General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres. This conference seemed more than necessary after the call of many countries to act and focus on climate adaptation at the UN Climate Action Summit in 2019.

The aim of this summit is to confront global warming, to find solutions to respond to it and to fight against its disastrous effects. Numerous themes were addressed during this conference such as the rise of the sea level or the multiple difficulties faced by farmers who are struggling to meet the needs of an ever-growing population. The vulnerability of the African continent to the consequences of climate change was also one of the main themes of this summit as it is severely affected by numerous heat waves and heavy floods.

This conference then led to the establishment of an adaptation action program, the Adaptation Action Agenda. Its objective is to find sustainable solutions to adapt to the consequences of climate change by 2030. The climate will therefore remain at the heart of the discussions this year, since in November the Glasgow Conference on Climate Change, more commonly known as COP26, will take place. It will thus make it possible to focus on the various objectives of the Paris Agreement signed in 2016, particularly after Joe Biden's announcement that the United States will return to the Agreement.


Sahia Leclerc