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ESPOMUN is ESPOL's MUN club, founded in 2015 by

a few passionate students.

Four years later, the club has grown, and we decided to

host for the third time the biggest Model United Nations simulation in Lille.

From Friday, 7th to Sunday, 9th February 2020,

More than 200 MUNers were invited to debate in the emblematic and beautiful city up North.


Message from the president

ESPOMUN is a debate student association created in 2015 by a few passionate students. These debates are conducted through the MUN (Model United Nations) form. Since its beginning, ESPOMUN has undoubtedly grown.


Each year, the association forms new delegates coming from all around the world to international negotiations. Rules of procedures, eloquence and geopolitical current issues are the main topics discussed in our sessions. Through the year, delegates are sent all over France and Europe to represent ESPOMUN in conferences, and discuss current issues in committees. ESPOMUN has also sent delegates to the Harvard WorldMUN for 2 years.


This year, a delegation will represent ESPOMUN and ESPOL in Tokyo in March 2020 among 2 000 delegates coming from all around the world. It is an incredible and unforgettable experience that allows you to practice your debate and eloquence skills. Furthermore, ESPOMUN will host its third conference up north in Lille, in February 2020.


It is an honor to host this conference and to discuss geopolitical issues with students coming from all over France and Europe. MUNs are incredible opportunities for political and social sciences students. It enables them to practice theories they have studied in their Under-Graduated and Graduated Programs, but also to discuss important issues that impact our contemporary world.


World leaders of tomorrow have to start somewhere and they definitely start at a MUN conference.

- Elise, ESPOMUN's president


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February 2020

Friday 7th

     6:00pm - Opening Ceremony with guest speeches

     7:30pm - Welcome cocktail

9:00pm - DJ set at the bar "l'Estrade"

Saturday 8th

    9:00am - Debating in committees

   11:30pm - Lunch break

    1:00pm - Debating in committees

    4:30pm - End of debating

    7:00pm - ESPOMUN Gala evening

Sunday 9th

     10:00am - Debating in committees

   12:00pm - Lunch break

     1:30pm - Debating in committees with a break

     3:30pm - Closing ceremony and awards


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UN Security council / UN Women

Crisis committee / Social Human Rights

The Team

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