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2020 Conference


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Topic : The future Second Cold War


Discussions and debates, plots and assassinations, intrigue and politics ... Actively work with your fellow delegates to avoid the worst in a nearing the apocalypse crisis situation.

Our oil resources are almost depleted, the world economy is once again strongly polarized and divided into 2 blocs. Each bloc seeks the supremacy of its ideas to solve the world crisis and threatens the other with its nuclear power.

In the Era of Second Cold War, avoid a new world War, prevent a nuclear disaster and find a solution to keep everyone safe and preserve our planet.

Chaired by Arthur Crévisier and Heloise Julien


Topic : The female Body and Free will

This committee aims at conciliating protection and liberty of choice when it comes to women’s sexual safety from sexual exploitation to pregnancy termination programmes. 

Whether it be about abortion right, women place on the political stage, gender pay gap or non taxation of feminine hygiene products, delegates will have important issues to discuss in this committee. No stone should be left unturned.

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Chaired by Jade Lemoine and Jeanne Bellocq

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Chaired by Elise Loth and Lorette Boucher

Topic : Media Censorship and the treatment of journalists

Between the role of Amnesty International in international affairs, the issue of censorship, the mistreatment of journalists as well as the growing phenomenon of fake news and disinformation in media, the delegates participating in this committee will have a lot to discuss. 

Questions will be raised upon a potential international status for journalists in war zones, upon the protection of journalists outside their borders and upon legal protection for whistleblowers. 


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