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Saubi Arabia, the new ski resort for 2029?

Written by : Inès Allanic
Edition: Léandre Saussay

On october 4th, Saudi Arabia was designated as the home country for the next Chinese Winter Olympic Games in 2029. 

This decision is unexpected but the country put under the spotlight its new massive project for hosting the main winter sport event. As a matter of fact, the country engaged itself to construct a brand new and modern city called Neom. Neom is a project created by Prince Mohammed Ben Salamne who defined Neom as the biggest port of the world. He wants it to be a major economic platform but mostly the politician will build a ski village at 2400 meters which will have more than 3000 rooms available for tourists.

However, this decision is a controversial subject because the International Olympic Committee has not been consulted before the announcement was made. First of all, this project will cost billions of dollars and is extremely problematic for the environment. The country’s choice is deeply challenged by the climatic conditions. Saudi Arabia is known for its warm weather contrary to the climate required for winter games like skiing. This recent decision echoes the economical, social and environmental problems caused by the World Cup in Qatar, questioning recent choices made by different sporting organizations.

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