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USA midterm elections : Republican ''red wave'' was actually a ripple

     The midterm elections were held last Tuesday in the United States, a ''red wave'' in favor of the Republicans was predicted, but the results are closer than expected...

    As a reminder halfway through each presidential term, Americans have elections to renew the seats in the House of Representatives and the Senate, thus almost all of Congress. In addition, most federated states organize the same day the elections of their representatives, the citizens must therefore also elect their governor, mayor, magistrates, sheriffs, and so on.Thus, those midterms are a major political gathering on the other side of the Atlantic.

    Furthermore, those elections are crucial for Biden and the Democrats who want to maintain their control over the Congress. However, the midterm are historically in favor of the opposition. Thus, the Grand Old Party probably earned the majority in the House of Representatives, but the Senate is still undecided, and the Democrats have a chance to keep their hegemony in the chamber.

    Also, inflation and abortion are central features in these midterm elections, as electors want a governmental response to these issues. Indeed, the economy is the most pressing matter for American voters, as inflation reached 8,2% in the United States last September. The Republicans made their campaign over this argument, blaming the Biden administration inability to restrict rising consumer costs. Moreover, last June the Supreme Court overturned abortion rights for federal states. Since then, this right was outlawed by thirteen states, and limited by five others. As a result, this is is regarded as a major concern worry voters, which may benefits Democrats, who propose a federal legislation guaranteeing abortion rights.

    As some states, like Georgia will certainly hold a second round of elections, we will only know the final results in a few weeks…


Ulysse Vaillant

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