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The Iranian Revolution : Between Weapons Delivery and Struggle for Women’s Rights

    This year has not been looking good for Iran. Filled with controversies surrounding it, Iran is, undoubtedly, one of the hot topics that is suitable to be discussed in our next installation of MUN.


On the 16th September, a part of the population of Iran was outraged when news reporting the death of Mahsa Amini began to spread. Amini, who was arrested for wearing her hijab incorrectly and for wearing skinny jeans, was allegedly beaten to death by the police. This sparked an uproar among Iranians across all ages, genders and ethnicities, who questioned the severely restricted women’s rights in Iran.


Then, on the 1st of November, Iran had subsequently proclaimed about their intentions in aiding Russia against its war with Ukraine, by shipping approximately 1,000 additional weapons to them. This shipment will mark the deterioration of relationship between Iran and USA, and further strengthened the support of Iran towards Russia, who previously received around 450 drones from Iran.


The part that you will play, as delegates of the estimated MUN, will be to represent your Nations in defending the interests of your respective nations, while also taking a stance on this topic and the consequences it entails.


    The topic includes two major points, each with their own respective issues at differing stakes, which will be pertinent in your discussions.


    Firstly, the discussion will revolve around women’s rights and how they are being oppressed in Iran. Hijab, which has been mandatory in Iran since 1983, needs to be worn by the women population, or  there will be heavy consequences that will entail, much like the death of Mahsa Amini.


    Secondly, the geopolitical issues regarding weapons’ delivery conducted by Iran. How exactly will this issue play out in the continuation of the Russo-Ukrainian War? What will be the heavy implications towards the alterations of geopolitics today?


All in all, these discussion points are just stimuli to permit you into conducting your own research in order to suit your country’s position and engage with other honourable delegates representing their nations. It is now up to you to embody your role, with these brief guiding questions, into taking a stance in the name of your country. The purpose of this article is to propose to you an approach in your research if you have not found one yet!


To prepare for the simulation, do not hesitate to consult our guide !

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