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2018 Conference


European Council


Topic 1: The creation of a European Army in the face of a security threat


Topic 2 : Assessment and prospects of the European integration process

Disarmament and International Security Committee 


Topic 1: Private military contractors


Topic 2 : Lethal autonomous weapons systems and fully autonomous weapons

United Nations Human Rights Council



Topic 1: Human rights situation in Crimea


Topic 2 : Free access to the internet as a fundamental human right

United Nations Security Council


Topic 1: Possible avenues of United Nations Security Council reform


Topic 2 : Senkaku Islands Dispute

Leagues of Nations


Topic : Spanish Civil War - August 1936

Direction Générale pour l'Agriculture et le Développement Rural


Sujet 1 : L'avenir de la politique agricole commune 

Sujet 2 : L'agriculture de demain - développement soutenable et croissance

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